How to set up a successful business with Tiffin service business plan

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

There are restaurants that deliver food service to your doorstep. Tiffin service delivery at your workspace saves a lot of time. Employees always search on google like "domino's pizza near me" and "Chinese food near me", but your taste of home food you always miss.

How to start an online tiffin service business is the most asked question on google. To start an online tiffin service business you will have to go through some questions

  • How much money should I need to start this online food delivery service in India?

  • Which type of menu can I provide to the customer?

  • How many workers should I need?

  • How can I approach the customer online?

  • How can I do home delivery tiffins?

online tiffin service business in India 2019

Step 1) Setup process of tiffin services

When you decide to start an online food delivery business then you can start this business from home also, It is also a home-based business. You will need

  • kitchen equipment,

  • Tiffins 15-20,

  • Gas connection,

  • worker,

  • Vegetables,

  • and you.

These are the basic needs to start this business.

Step 2) Menu list: what are you going to serve in tiffin service?

Your menu should be different and unique from others. The menu is the most important part of this online tiffin service.

If you are in the initial state of business then don't add too many menus in your list. Your tasty food is going to repeat every customer through online orders.

Add your specialty in the menu card. Your brand name can be spread by mouth publicity because of your taste of special items.

Once you decide your menu, you have to take HD photos each and every menu to publish it online and create your brand awareness.

Step 3) How to get to the customers for online business:

Whether you are going to deliver many types of food online or tiffin service online, most of the customers are going to order food online through apps, Whatsapp, telegram. In this advertising part, we are going to discuss online and offline advertising strategies.

Go to the college campus area, Becholer area and circulate phone no and menu to order their food through Whatsapp or any other medium. To college people, office peoples, you can offer a monthly subscription at a low price. That will also boost your sales.

You can give the option to monthly subscribers like 2000 rs fees will be charged to 1-time tiffin every day or 2 times tiffin with monthly charge 3000 rs.

Try to spread your word within bachelor people and speak with them personally and tell about your specialty and also about monthly subscription benefits. Your food taste and your services all of this explain to the customer.

step 4) online presence:

you will have to get your business online with the help of social media and website also.

  • Give your business a brand name, make a social media awareness, build brand visibility through social media.

  • Make a nice facebook page of your niche.

  • An Instagram business account also helps you to share your online business HD pics. This business account will give you some extra features.

  • Gather a list of phone no in your area and share your discount offers on products.

  • You can also get an order through whats app business account.

  • Share your clean kitchen photos through social media. so the customer can see your cleaning ness of your kitchen and how you make food for them.

  • you have to share every basic and advanced detailed information about your startup through social media.

  • For more visibility, you can organize some events in your local area so people can personally meet you and your startup team.

  • You can use for advertising strategy FB page and group, Whatsapp business, An Instagram, Pamphlet, Event organizing, Mouth publicity.

step 5) packaging and delivery service of online food delivery business:

You will have to hire a delivery boy for your small food delivery business. But if you have to reduce expenses then you can also deliver your online food orders. that method will save your money.

After some days when a business will grow nicely, you can hire a delivery boy for your online food delivery business.

Packaging your product also creates an impression on your customer. customers are using a monthly subscription then you can provide tiffins to them daily basis. You also keep in mind not to spend too much money on packaging.

step 6) Money management for online food delivery business:

Money management is the most important thing in all businesses. If you don't manage 1 lac rs then you can't manage 10 lac rs. You should know how money works for people that called financial literacy.

For online food delivery business, you can buy 15-20 tiffins, then you have to manage your workers' salary, If housewives are doing this kind of home-based business then while starting time you don't need any workers but you can hire a delivery boy to provide tiffin service on time.

You have to buy vegetables on a daily basis. so bike petrol, cost of packaging, cleaning and maintenance cost, are the common expenses that you have to manage in your online tiffin service business.

step 7) earning potential of an online startup with low investment.

You can make 15k-20k from the stating of the tiffin service business after that you can make 1lac-2 lac rs per month. this is average income through online tiffin service but you can make more than this or less than this.

There would be some difficulty to start this business and approach of customers as a beginner level but when you gain some knowledge and experience then you can make average income of 2-3 lc rs per month. this is the earning potential of online tiffin service business

step 8) Night rates:

If your customer is asking food at midnight or after the 10-11 pm then you also charge for some extra money to them. When you get an order online you have to confirm the order by calling to customer. at midnight if an order is big then you also ask to pay in advance. It is only because not to get refuse to receive an order by the customer at midnight. Ask them patiently and politely.

9) how much investment should I need to start this online tiffin service?

now we make the list of investment to this startup

  • worker

  • kitchen

  • vegetables and grocery

  • bike petrol for a delivery boy

now, this is the total investment you need to start this kind of food business. your total investment is around 53000 rs. kitchen equipment is the dead investment for you. because you don't gonna buy this again and again. vegetables and grocery and petrol expenses that should be in very control.

if any housewife want to start this food business then they don't need any chef or any worker at an initial level. so they can save a salary instead of hiring them.

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