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Updated: Mar 15, 2020

How to set up a successful business of tata super ace food truck is not as much costly as a starting a small restaurant. You will have to get licensed of that business, Get a low-cost food truck, decide what you are going to sell, raise funds, make a marketing plan, find a parking place in your area, and start to sell your food.

tata super ace food truck.

If you have a dream of starting a small restaurant business then think about how much does it cost to start a small restaurant? you can also a choice to start a food truck business. It won’t cost you more than starting a restaurant.

There are many more food cart business license that you should have, I mention some of them here. There is an employer identification number, vehicle license number, sellers permit, food handles permit, health department permits, fire certificates these are the license you should have, but it also depends on your local government.

Restaurant association reported that food trucks will generate more than 3 billion in revenue. The owner of the restaurant also started opening a food cart by their brand.

1)how to set up a successful business of Tata super ace food truck?

  1. Get your different types of raw materials and kitchen equipment required to you and which fit in the tata ace food truck.

  2. To start a food business Mumbai, you need to file an application for new business permit.

  3. Look for employees for food truck manager

  4. So marketing and install pos software in your tata ace food truck.

2)the low-cost food truck is the best business commercial vehicle.

Deciding the low-cost food truck for opening a food cart business is the main thing. It depends also on what type of menu are you going to serve .you will get this truck near 3-4 lacs after that its equipment and renovation cost will be approx 1 Lac, that means combining all of your food truck cost, it would be around 5 lac rs approx. This is the start-up cost of a food truck.

You will get a food truck on or Buy 2nd hand vehicle and start to opening your own food truck business.

3)How to find the right location for your business.

Choose locations like there are no other vendors near your locations, but there is lots of footfall of employees and students.

Keep in mind that your food truck size should be small because it can park anywhere on the rood. Big size food trucks always have this parking problem. Your tata ace foods truck should have some eye-catching color to attract customers from long distance also.

4)Kitchen equipment for your food van.

Your cost of kitchen equipment and raw material would be around 1-2 lac for opening a food cart. It depends on your truck size. Decide your kitchen equipment carefully, because it should be fit for your food truck. Or it should be necessary to your food list.

There would be some kitchen appliances which can buy old, which will save your cost. Your vegetable and food keep less for the first time and continue with the sales pattern of your food.

5)Mobile food truck permit for your tata ace food truck business.

There are many consultancies that can help you with licensing you in your paperwork.

  • Kitchen insurance

  • NOC from RTO

  • NOC from the municipal corporation.

  • FSSAO mobile vendor’s license.

  • Fire and safety license.

food truck

6)pos software for food van.

In this competitive business, the best pos software will help you to get repeat orders from customers and feedback. Your point of sale software will help you to keep your customer's data safe and give detailed info. Around 25000rs investment you will get the best pos software for your tata ace food truck.

7)how much does it cost to start a small restaurant?

It may be very in a total investment of food truck, but consider if we bought items new then what would cost of your food truck business.

  • Tata ace food truck price is near 3-3.75 lac rs.

  • Kitchen equipment for food truck -1 lac

  • Staff - 10000 rs payment

  • Vegetables for 1 week - 5000

8)How to raise funds for this business?

Raising funds for any type of business is little difficult things because you will have to have food business credit or personal credit.

Here are the options to raise funds.

  • 1)credit cards.

  • 2)bootstrapping.

  • 3)family friends

  • 4)crowdfunding sites

  • 5) bank loan

  • 6) angel investors

  • 7)venture capital

  • 8)government grant and subsidiaries.

9) how to start with minimal investment?

  1. SSTTbuy a 2nd hand food truck, or a rental agreement if you already know someone.

  2. Hire your workers within your investment budget.

  3. Buy 2nd hand used kitchen appliances to minimize your investment cost.

  4. Don’t pay too much for online advertising or website making. Initially start with social media marketing.

  5. Prepare your food already like Mac-d or dominos or serve as a Quick service restaurant- because you will not waste oil and gas again and again for individual customers.

  6. Use washable and reusable cups and plates so, you won't waste money on buying use and throw plates and cups.

10)Advantages and challenges for your food truck business.

Advantages;- Business ownership is the main advantage and some tax relaxation also for opening a food cart.

As a business owner, you enjoy working on your freedom, like choosing a menu, marketing, and planning, while it is not possible in a franchise business. You don’t have control over the menu, marketing or on the product.

Mobility of the van to different places on different days. This is a big advantage.

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