Step by step guide plan for Facebook marketing services for dummies

Social media platform is where is strongest platform to promote your business locally and globally

Now a days every business should have social media platforms to promote their business in free or with paid advertising also.

Facebook marketing for dummies.

If you want to grow your audience on Facebook you will have to create a business page on Facebook this will help you to share links photos services to offer your customer.

Facebook marketing service for dummies

This Facebook business page will give you more visibility and brand awareness about your product and what type of service you are offering to your customer.

you can post a photos videos links and many more more activities on Facebook business page such like that your customer should enjoy what your posting.

Facebook advertising agency

Whenever you think you want to grow your business online then you can use of Facebook paid advertising method to grow your website traffic to increase your product sales.

Advertising on Facebook

Check Facebook ad agency pricing for promotion

In the Facebook marketplace as they include headline copy of your product an images and a clickable link either in Facebook page or to your website.

Facebook advertising includes some interesting features like.

  1. Facebook will give you targeted audience based on age location gender and interest of the people.

  2. You can set your budget for your advertising campaign.

  3. Also you can run multiple ads simultaneously on Facebook marketplace.

Facebook advertising cost is depend on what you are targeting in your campaign.

Facebook ads are very beneficial to grow your audience and hold them with a long period of time with your Facebook business page.

This Facebook advertising will grow your followers once your customer like your page ultimately it will become as a follower.

Then whenever you post new images and new information on your business page it will show them up in their news feed.

Facebook contest

You can run Facebook contest sweepstakes, or promotions of your Facebook business page.

It is also on Facebook marketing tactic to grow your brand awareness.

Businesses use third party app to create their Facebook contests because while conducting Facebook contest you cannot create contest through Facebook itself.

Promoted post of Facebook.

You can promote your post within a few clicks on Facebook you will have to just choose what type of audience you want to target and how much budget you want to spend.

you can also choose how many days you want to run your ad campaign on Facebook it is all possible within a few clicks and your ad is ready to run.

Sponsored stories

Sponsered stories are like word of mouth marketing type concept. If your follower like your stories then their friends also likely to see your stories in news feed.

The goal is simple. User should have take same action as their friend. This is the only add format used on mobile device.

Sponsered stories can be used with any Facebook open graph app.

If a friends has just installed some game then sponsered stories will show play with them and challenge for the game too their friends.

It is also proved that Facebook stories have higher CTR as much as 46% and low cpc then regular Facebook ads.

Facebook open graph.

This will help businesses to label users action with their app. Millions and billions of interactions are posted everyday on Facebook open graph.

Set goals for marketing on Facebook.

You will have to set your goals with your Facebook marketing platform you should to know what you are offering to your customers.

you will have to decide that are you going to increase your brand awareness?

or do you want to increase your lead generation or traffic to your website?

Or you want to increase your community engagement with your business page.

Set one of goals from them and select your budget to run your Facebook ads on marketplace platform.

this will help you to create brand awareness and community engagement with the people.

Know your audience.

You will have to know your audience because good for your lead generation in your future you can target audience between 20 to 40 age.

Or you can target your audience as a gender with your location also.

Best time to post your post on Facebook.

  1. 11am to 1pm is the best time to post on Facebook on Wednesday.

  2. Wednesday is the recommended day to post.

  3. You can post on Facebook in weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

  4. Don't post on Facebook in early mornings and late night

Schedule your content

You will have to create schedule for your content it will create more engagement on regular time basis to reach New and targeted audience in your industry.

I have some research of what type of contain wanted from customer on social media.

The first one is they want links for more informations about your product

Then the second one is they want graphics and images of your product

The third one is Consumers want produced videos about your product.

And the last and fourth one is text and conversations.

Promotion of product


Facebook advertising is a simple social media platform to promote your products globally.

Whether it is your E-Commerce business or a blog traffic generation, Facebook marketing will help you to grow your business.

Let me know your Facebook business page in comments.

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