Step by step guide of telegram digital marketing to promote your product and build your business.

We all know that without internet marketing our business cannot survive for a long time.

If you are doing any type of business you will have to start it on online platform.

Many people start a blog for a website to reach New customers online. They use PPC ads advertise marketing and lots of stuff.

But there are also some social media platforms and tools to reach New audience and as well as target customers to build your brand awareness.

It is not enough to write SEO or get in the top result of Google search engine you will have to also sell your product on social media market.

This type of social media network is very powerful it is also helpful to attract new customers and build your network.

many more companies have their accounts on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

In the nowadays telegram marketing is developing rapidly and it is in the top list of the social media platforms.

In this article I am writing all about the telegram digital marketing. Telegram is easy to communicate, share your content and also promote your products directly to the target audience.


There is lots of competitors on the Google or on another the search engine. but if you go to the social media platform. it is not yet overloaded with your competitors that's why you can start to build your audience.

Now let's talk about telegram what is telegram and what they are offering to people telegram is a cloud based Messenger app with a high level information security.

Nowadays this social media platform has hundred million users and 50 billion messages per day.

They do not spend one single dollar to promote their app only financial resource is donations.

Do you know telegram bots.

it is the best tool to use for many local businesses. It can be use to message their clients ,share content, solve their queries and to accept orders from clients.

Telegram bots are very useful. They can automatically reply, send videos, image, document, accept and transfer payment and also bot can process the contact information.

Here are the key advantage of the telegram.

  1. Online ordering of client.

  2. Real time support for business

  3. Individual assistance to build awareness

  4. Up to date information of business

  5. Customer feedback processing

  6. Team communication and coordination.

  7. Concierge service

  8. Product promotion for leads

  9. Non stop client support

  10. Additional traffic to the websites and blogs.

  11. Payment processing

If you want to create brand awareness you can use telegram as a source of information.

Telegram messanger can take function of many other tools like.

  1. Feedback collector

  2. Event marketing channels

  3. Discount channel

  4. Newsletter

  5. Operative service and support

  6. Informal chat with customer on a topic

  7. Channel for sharing news, content about your niche.

Telegram has a strict policy of not to display any type of a advertise on telegram. That's why many users switched their messanger to the telegram from all other messanger with active audience.

Create channel to create brand awareness.

If you want to create brand awareness of your product with targeted audience then you can create a channel fear only admin can rule it.

Many companies create channel to make messages and share to subscribers to reach the large audience at a time with less effort.

In case if you think you need support then you can add additional administrator.

When you properly manage your channel it might become perfect source of target audience to share your promotion product. Your audience will receive a notification when you post anything on channel.

Public and private channel

Here is the difference between this two type of channel. Private channel can only be joined with invited link. And public channel can only be joined with invited link.

Telegram bots are very essential to use as I already mentioned. Bots are operated by software not a person.

Telegram have a unique advantages like

  1. Teaching

  2. Reminding

  3. Scheduling

  4. Broadcasting

  5. Playing games

  6. Connecting with other users

  7. Integrated with other clients

  8. Searching on the web

  9. Pass commands to the net.

Therefore you can implement such type of bots to reduce human efforts and to reduce extra marketer, manger, assistance. Bots also can reduce the human mistakes.

Telegram stickers are also helpful to create brand awareness. This is also one more way to personalise your channel to attract more subscribers towards your channel.

Subscribers can share your stickers to others people and automatically create a brand awareness which is very useful to all business.

You can earn some decent money from telegram marketing. You will have to just create telegram group or channel with lots of subscribers.

Then you can promote others people product or services on your channel. You can charge them some money.

Alert lots of telegram channels which have lots of subscribers also are making decent money like 50000 to 100000 rupees per month.

This can be a great income source for you you can do this Telegram marketing in part time also this is the main advantage.


Telegram digital marketing is essential for any type of business to create your brand awareness.

Social media platforms like this will help you to create monthly income from advertising on your group or channel.

What is your group and channel? Mention comments.

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