How money works for people? Rich dad poor dad lessons.

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Rich dad poor dad lessons.

Table of content

  • Still paying EMI'S? Don't do this.

  • How money works for people

  • They create multiple sources of income

  • Work hard or work happy?

  • Start small grow big

Hey, Are you still paying EMI'S. Don't forget thus.Because EMI'S & car loan, home loan are the burden on people.

If someone's doing job and paying EMI'S on monthly basis, then they are taking risks. Only one source of income doesn't make you rich.

You can look at all those business man 💼👔👖 and investors. They don't use credit card, but they used loan. Yes, loan but for what ❓ Do you know this.

You should to know about financial literacy. Because if you know how money works for the people. You will be 😮amazed.

Business minded people use loan to their business. They use leverage money to make more money.

If you read rich dad poor dad book 📚, you will know. What are the assets and what are the liability for people.

You should to spend after saving. That will grow you step by step

They create multiple sources of income as passive income.

They always create multiple income source to live in financial freedom. Rich 💰 people doesn't depend on one source of income.

What poor people do mistakes in their life. They depend only on one source of income, pay their monthly EMI'S like car loan, home 🏡loan.

If you know this now, and you know how money works then don't repeat this mistake again.

This doesn't mean to quit your job and start business immediately. It doesn't work that way.

Some people spend their whole life in education to get one perfect job, then think what you should to do for business.

Creating new business ideas and doing side hustle following your passion are great steps towards your business opportunities.

Work hard or work happy?

Happiness is also the most meaningful in our work Or life .

There is no meaning if you have everything but without happiness. You should to choose yourself to work hard or work happy.

Start small grow big.

If you have small businesses idea and your mind also interested into that creative business idea. I think you should to make your first step.

Within 1 lac of Indian rupees you can start. Some of people are making killings income through just snacks business.

You can start your chai business, flowers business, retail store, rent out someone others car.

But remember one thing to start small and grow big.

Now let me tell you that in India tea business is growing very fast. It is very profitable business with low downside risk.

1 litre chai become more expensive than 1 litre petrol.

Start with small model. Snack business grow in school area, office area, bus stop area. Your business location is also very much important to for customers.

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