quickest way and tips to save money fast, save money in your 20's and on a day to day expenses.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

lots of people work hard for earning extra money to pay their liabilities, taxes, and many more monthly billings. you people know lots of money-saving ideas and tips to save money fast but you don't implement it in your lifestyle.on in the daily budget or in on a day to day expenses. For your good retirement save money and live better.

tips to save money

I mentioned here some money-saving tips for students, businessmen, self-employment. go through this once. when you get a paycheck or monthly outcome through business, you must save some money for emergencies.

  1. Pay yourself first,

  2. take some part of the money for you first.

  3. be the part of your income.

  4. spend less,

  5. save more money.

  6. invest in your assets.

  7. avoid high-interest debt.

  8. live below your means.

  9. Avoid unnecessary gym and yoga subscription.

There is a 50/20/30 rule of saving and investing money. Elizabeth warren suggested that rule in her book. she said to spend 50% of income on needs, 30% on what you want, and 20% income to savings.

There is also another rule of 30 days on savings. this rule tells us that If you are going to purchase unnecessary things then deposit your money for 30 days in a bank. If you still want to buy it then proceed.

To save your hard-earned money, you need to manage your money.

Create a budget:

  • how much are your fix expenses?

  • How much is your fix income?

  • How much is your debt?

  • remove unnecessary expense

  • to create emergency funds regularly through your income.

  • save money for your retirement

Simple ways to start saving money in 2020. This content will help you to save money on little things, that matter to you.

  1. This is a money-saving tip for student and you are living as a tenant then you can cook your food yourself rather than buying from outside.

  2. Save money on groceries-Your monthly grocery items, shoes, clothes, and many more, things that you want to buy then make a list of all them in your budget and follow strictly it.

  3. Save money on food-you can plan your meal every day, and also you can pack leftover foods for lunch.

  4. using coupons and discounted offers you can plan for your shopping to save your money a little bit more.

  5. Save money by getting discounts-There would be some items that we use a lot and regularly every day. then you can buy them in bulk quantity to get a discount on their price.

  6. you don't need to buy a single package item, buy larger items and then you can pack it, it will also save your money on that item.

  7. use dinner coupons or lunch coupons these are the ways to save more money on food.

  8. take advantage of frequently discounted programs at grocery stores, restaurants.

  9. Search for a discount on sites like coupons, amazon local, to get big discounts.

  10. buy storage so you can store large quantity items in it. that will also help you to save more money on buying large quantity products in bulk.

  11. get a roommate to divide your monthly rent.

  12. do a workout at your home and cancel the gym membership.

  13. Go to the library and read books rather than buying a book.

  14. don't pay to much on movie tickets.

  15. while shopping takes advantage of employee discounts.

  16. stop paying interest on your credit card. pay your debt first.

with the help of these little things, you can save more money.

Investing your money.

  • Mutual fund:

  • you can invest your money in mutual funds. here mutual fund managers take all the money and invest in the stock market on behalf of people. their fees are less.

  • stocks:

  • Individually you can buy stocks to invest your money, the stock will give you more return than a mutual fund.

  • Bonds:

  • Corporate bonds, treasury bonds, municipal bonds are great ways to invest in bonds. you will get interested in your bond investment.

How to save money in day to day expenses?

A huge amount of savings created by little savings. Saving money on your fashionable clothes, on your shoes, your monthly expenses, credit card bills, Interest, EMI are the most imp things to save money in your daily life.

1) fashionable clothes and shoes:

Lots of people want to live a fashionable life or live like a rich man that's why they spend lots of money on clothes and shoes. remember always our aim is to be rich not to look rich. Buy clothes and shoes from discounted offers stores. If they give you a flat discount then buy it, that will save you money. also don't forget to use coupons.

2)Saving money on tea and coffee.

Drinking tea and coffee many times a day will drain your savings. The cost of tea per cup is 10 rs, and coffee is for 30 rs approx. now calculate one thing, that you drink 3 or 4 times a day then how much money you are going to spend in one week, one month, and in one year.

buy a coffee machine, it will reduce your expenses and you can save more money on these types of drinks.

3)Bad habits( smoking and alcohol):

Quit your bad habits quickly to save more money. These bad habits drain your pockets hard to earn money. If you smoke cigarettes thrice in a day or drink thrice times in a week then calculate. How much money are you going to spend in one week, one month, or in one year?

If you quite these types of bad habits or saving your money for one year then definitely you can be debt-free or you can pay credit card EMI at the end of the year.

For saving money in these things is a little bore, but it is very rewarding on the other hand.

4)petrol, Bike loan:

Unnecessarily driving your bike can cost you more money. because petrol prices are going higher and higher. In case your bike loan also has to pay with EMI basis then control your expenses om petrol. If you choose a bike like a high milage then automatically you are going to control your petrol expenses.

5)Outside food:

We are waisting our foods on a daily basis. We cook more than we need. Actually we don't plan for cooking. If we try not to waste our food then actually we are saving our pocket.

A night out parties and expenses on lunch and dinner is also draining your pockets but we all ignore these things. We should plan for this kind of expense

Spend less than your income is the best formula for saving money.

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