How to start plywood manufacturing business?

Do you want to start a plywood business? then there is an great demand for your business in any country because it has an endless uses of plywood.

It is used in building and construction line furniture for the home shops and offices and also indoor and outdoor purpose.

There are some main players in this plywood industry like kit ply, Jayashree, Sarda plywood, century plywood, Nova pan.

In this plywood industry you will need a plant and machinery, it would be cost around 45 lacs and also you will need a working capital.

that's why total capital investment would be around 50 lacs.

Including labour cost electricity management and advertising also. Your return on investment would be around 50%.

Here I have mentioned some basic processes to start plywood manufacturing

  1. Selection of wood

  2. Peeling and layer formation

  3. Sheet processing to remove moisture

  4. Gluing process

  5. Baking and

  6. finishing

Basic processes

Plywood manufacturing machine and material

  1. Peeler

  2. Veneer router

  3. Veneer clipper

  4. Gluing spreader

  5. Drying machine for veneer.

  6. Conveyor

  7. Veneer splinter

  8. Splicer of veneer

  9. Pressing machine

  10. Drying press

  11. Edge making machine

  12. Sanding machine

  13. Boiler

  14. Polishing

Now here are the main steps involved in the manufacturing process.

Selection of wood or log.

You will have to select good log to manufacture according to which type of plywood you want to be manufactured.

Log should have bigger diameter so that you can expect large number of layers from it.

Layer formation of log.

In plywood manufacturing industry a large blade is used to process a thin layer of log and they make veneer from it.

Workers put a log in a horizontal manner under large blade to maintain and get better result. This large blades continuously pressed on the logs and cut severall number of layers into pieces.

Heat processing

Now the sheets are ready to remove water content from it that's why heat processes is done by workers. Dehydration process of the layers is needed before the next step.

Gluing process

in this process many sheets are glued together to manufacture perfect thickness of the plywood. Manufacturer use formaldehyde and phenol formaldehyde for gluing. They also used furmecyclox for fungal resistance.

Baking process

In this next step plywood is processed for baking and pressing. now the plywood is baked and pressed at the required temperature and pressure. temperature should be at 140 degree and pressure should be at 1.9 mega pascal.

Finishing process

In this process resizing and reshaping takes place.

Manufacturered plywood check by operator personally to detect the holes, pits and unfinished edges.

Now let's see the different types of plywood which can be expensive or inexpensive.

There are four types of plywood available in the market. Grade a b c d.

A grade plywood is very expensive and high quality material to use in constructions and indoor and outdoor also.

If you are searching a plywood which can be easily painted and has a smooth surface with the free of flaws then type A grade of plywood is the best option for you.

B grade plywood has almost a smooth surface and a solid foundation this type of plywood can have minor flaws. Some repairs might have been made in this type of plywood.

C grade of plywood is not too expensive to buy and it might have repair in some cases. this is a little down quality of material as compared to A grade and b grade.

B grade plywood is a very lower quality as compared to 4 of them. It is very inexpensive in the cost and their flaws can be very noticeable.

Plywood option for indoor and outdoor use.

Many plywood manufacturer will tell you which type of plywood is used in indoor and outdoor purpose but it is also better to understand for you.

Pine veneer is the good quality plywood which can be used in indoor purpose.

You will be noticed on plywood like sanded pine BC and sandply.

This plywood can be used for building cabinets and furniture of the shops.

It is inexpensive material to use.

The next one is oriented strand board this type of plywood is made from wood chips. And it is looks like a flakey in texture.

Wood chips are glued together to make oriented strand board and it is also has a patchwork design in the various shapes and size.

All above mentioned is used for indoor purpose. Now I am going to tell you plywoods for outdoor purpose.

Outdoor plywood will not give you perfect guarantee to hold up in the snow rain in the certain amount of time.

Mold and mildew is the main problem in plywood because they affect the plywood and makes it weaker that's why pressure treated plywood is made to reject mold and mildew.

it is saturated with chemicals to make it safe from this type of fungal infections.

Pressure treated plywood is the best option for you for the outdoor purpose because it could last for years without painting or any protective coating.

CDX shifting plywood material is inexpensive and it is made from the lowest c and d type off grade plywood it shouldn't be uncovered.

It is used to to build troops storage beans and garages and it is also covered with bricks and shingles. It is also good option for you to use CDX plywood material for outdoor purpose.


Now you should to know different types of plywoods and its advantages and disadvantages.

That's why I here I mention some of them.

Types of plywood.

Softwood plywood.

This type of softwood plywood is made from pine, Spruce, redwood, fir. best type of plywood is usually and commonly used in construction and industrial area.

Hardwood plywoods

This plywood is derived from angiosperm trees and it is very strong kind of plywood. It is special for surface hardness resistance and strength.

Aircraft plywood

This is very high strength plywood. Adhesive which is used in aircraft plywood resist higher level of humidity and heat.

Decorative plywood

This type of plywood is made from ash, Oak, maple, birch, Rosewood, Mahogany. This plywood used in decorative purpose like furniture and cabinate.

Tropical plywood

This type of plywood is made from low cost variety of plywood. This type of plywood is widely in use.

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