most famous entrepreneurs list and an introduction to entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In this article here is the most famous entrepreneurs' lists and an introduction to entrepreneurship. A successful famous entrepreneur and young businessman owner are those who create a new future of invention. They invest their Most of time, energy, and focus on one idea and they make it possible for people. the people want to become young successful entrepreneurs and business owners, but few of them know the truth about it and only a few succeed in this.

here is the introduction to entrepreneurship and young business owner.

  • Marks Zukerberg - Facebook

  • Jan Koum - WhatsApp

  • Bill Gates - Microsoft

  • Michel Dell - Dell laptop

these people are the most famous and successful entrepreneurs and young business owners in the world, who made the fortune through their business. they also invent something new that every human life is changed in several years.

5 Most powerful lessons to the entrepreneurs and young business owner.

Be authentic: It means stay unique. you are god gifted, you also have some unique ideas and skills that anyone doesn't know about it. Don't look at what people say, Do what you really like and really want to do.

Connect: Connection with like-minded people for your business. People who are smarter than you, make them your friends. Learn from them. Connecting through like-minded people will grow your business knowledge and opportunities in business.

Do Consistency in hardworking and also smart works. Work on self-improvement and your skills. Innovation in thinking is not enough. People who are a successful entrepreneur and business owner, They do there work on a regular basis.

Travel: you will learn from your travel experiences. Visit the best places in the world. Meet new people and discuss with them. Learn what you don't know.

Be original: Being original is the best strategy to defeat our enemy. Don't coy to others, your ideas should be independent and new.

To create new business and entrepreneurship all are for those who take a risk. Risk of being failure 1000 times. If you fail 1000 times means you learn 1000 ways that don't work towards your goal.

Job vs business: what society advises you and for a most famous entrepreneur and young business owner.

People always ask, why business is better than a job and how to become an entrepreneur and a successful business owner? but there are also somethings that are separated both mindset people. Why we follow the rat race. Why we only do jobs and don't even try to do business, because our society made some myths and it is implemented by our elders.

Society only advises you :

  • Go to school

  • read your textbooks and get good grades

  • Get high paid jobs and pay monthly bills and EMI's

  • Do a job for another 40-50 years of life and play safe.

  • Work 12 hours a day for someone

  • Take home loans, car loans, and get in debt and stick to your job while debt-free.

  • Retire with pension and live your life like a broke

If you stuck in a rat race, I already tell you that job is like a golden handcuff, If you want to break it. you will have to do side hustle for creating multiple income sources. Always look at the difference between starting your own business or working for someone else.

Here is the difference between business-minded people. They teach there child financial education very differently. They advise their children

  • Go to school but study practically and learn always new.

  • Read books on self-development

  • Start a business

  • Do hustle for 100 hours a week for a year to create to passion into an income source

  • Hire employee

  • Travel to the world

  • Have a boss children and retire at 35-40 years of age.

These were the difference between a rich mindset and a poor mindset. Now you have to choose which will suit you to become an entrepreneur. people think that 2-5 years of business is long term to get rich but they don't feel that doing job 40-50 years of life is boring and they still broke after retirement. now I think you could have got the answer of why business is better than a job

If you put bananas and money in front of a monkey. they choose bananas because they don't know money can buy more bananas. It is also applicable in job vs business in real life .they choose a job, but they don't know salaries can just make your living but profits from business can buy fortune for you.

Broke vs rich people:

Broke people jump on every trend. They buy branded clothes. Invest their money in cars & sneakers, they party every weekend. But rich people they invest in trend, simple clothes, spend money on book and courses and also works towards their goal. now tell me in a comment that are you starting your own business or working for someone else?

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