Job vs business, business is better than job in 2020.

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Everyone wants to be richđź’° and successful in life, but is it possible by just doing 9 to 5 job. The answer is no.

Business is better than job - Rich mindset.

No one can get financial freedom by just a job. It is like

Everyone wants to go to heaven But no one wants to die.

Job vs business, what to do ? business is better than a job in 2020. job life people work for others. Their salary, working hours all is is like a rat race where most of the people are stucks for their lifetime.

Rich people always think that job life is risky. Because they all depend on one source of income.

But there are always entrepreneurs who create a new future for the world and new income sources through it.

Job life people works for money. It means if they stop working for money. Cashflow doesn't come towards them.

Business-minded people, they don't work for money. Money works for them. That's why they become richer and richer by the đź•’time.

Most of the people don't know, what is the financial literacy it means we don't know how money works.

We are working for money but Government is printing more money than our work. That's why it is very important to know financial literacy by the time, otherwise, you will work whole the life for the others and die broke.

business is better than a job in 2020.

In the job money is paid on the time đź•’ buy in entrepreneurship money is paid based on the results.

Someone says " Show me your friends and I will show your future.

If your friends and in your family all are they doing a job then they will suggest you do a job first. Go get good grades and get high paid jobs.

The environment of education is matters because we follow to always our elders. But to be successful no one can tell you surely and guaranteed if you will do this you will be successful in your life.

Advantages and disadvantages of job and business.

Job life:

Lots of people like to do job Or there are another set of people who also like to do business.But you Will have to choose one of them, you can't choice both of them as an pure interest.

As we discussed earlier people who do the job they feel safe but the same routine, work pressure makes them annoying.

But there are some people also who break this kind of rat race and start to dream big.

Start to new own business is also everyone's dream but not succeed in this. The one who takes risks in business only has the great opportunities in this.

Business life:

Creating new business and succeeding in them is like dreams comes true. But from the bottom you will have to work hard. Then business will pay your expenses.

If you are an entrepreneurs minded then you can create new. But if you want to start a business you will need funds for that or you can do it in partnership also. The choice is yours.

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