Instagram influence marketing strategy guide for your eCommerce business.

Social media platforms are very powerful tool to use to promote your product online with free of cost.

if you have accumulated lots of subscriber and your targeted audience then you can generate free traffic to your websites, blog or to your eCommerce business.

if your business is not online then you cannot survive long time in market that's why you should to make sure to use each and every social media platform for your eCommerce business.

Instagram influence marketing strategy guide step by step.

we will learn the Instagram rules and regulations and how we can use to promote our product or a E-Commerce Business globally.

Every social media platform has their own algorithms that's why we have to learn this.

Instagram has announced recently that they have 500 million users In database and 300 millions users active each and every day on Instagram.

Instagram influence marketing

there is one thing that's why Instagram is in the top list of social media platform is its engagement ratio.

Instagram engagement ratio is 8 times greater than other social media platforms.

You may be noticed one thing that whenever you log in Instagram you can see the better post at the beginning because Instagram changed its algorithms.

there is one reason, many of the people loosses to see 70% of the post in Instagram feed that's why they show you 30% of the best post on Instagram whenever you login.

there is great return of investment for your business on Instagram platform because people always are in the buying mindset.

if you have followers greater than thousand then you can earn money.

How to grow Instagram account followers you should have to do some task.

  1. Create high quality content on your account

  2. you can create high quality images using canva pablo and other photoshop editors.

  3. make sure that your conent should be high quality and unique to create engagement towards your account.

  4. Remind that your content is your currency to get engagement.

Your content images should have perfect size you can post your content images in the 1080 *1080 pixels. And your caption should be around 2200 characters long.

You can create your container images in advance it could be a good option for you because many people create content in advance to schedule in the regular time table.

You can also outsource your work to freelancers on the websites like and many more.

Schedule your content

Don't waste your time to check in each and every hour on Instagram schedule your content on regular basis using buffer, lattergram and other service tools to keep your target audience everytime hooked with your account.

Content marketing

Use buffer service tool for Instagram marketing

Using buffer service tool will be very helpful to you because of its extra features you can schedule your content or can post your content much more time using this service tool.

Always respond to your followers.

You will have to you respond to your followers actions like comment likes each and every time you can do this with your virtual assistance or you can hire a social media marketing manager for engagement with people.

People will engage with you and visit your account again and again if you respond their comments and messages all the time.

I will not recommend you to buy a software to follow others account like and comments in the others account on your behalf because it is against the terms and service of the Instagram policy.

Make it easy and simple for your followers

You will have to make it easy and simple for your followers to buy your product or service from your account.

Higher followers means higher engagements but ultimately you will have to make sure that Your followers are buying your product or service.

create a simple links in your bio towards your blogs or websites or E-Commerce business to buy product or service in a few clicks for your followers.

Business account

You can switch your account from personal to business account.

Indeed it is very helpful for your business. Insta business account will give you the statistics about your audience.

You can see which type of audience is following you. And in which city are they from. This will give you the perfect statistics about your business.

It will give you the information about impression and clicks of your post on weekly basis.

Use hashtags

Use best hashtags for your high quality content. Because without hashtags your content will not get too much engagement.

Use Instagram advertising to run advertise. This will boost your profile on insta algorithm. You can reach new audience every advertising


Instagram influence marketing strategy will help you to grow your account. You can apply your own marketing strategies also.

Let me know your strategies for your e-commerce website or a blog on comment box.

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