How to write an ebook and make money by selling it online?


Internet has changed our lifestyle completely and it will change differently in future also. Let's take an example of ebooks.

Now a days people prefer to read a book online rather than buying a physical one. People can read it on tablet computer or even on mobile also.

Many big publishing house have their own writers, editors, administrative staff, printing place, and employees to produce one book.

Thanks to the internet that you can publish your own book without any staff and any editors and writers.

you can write an e-book it yourself and make money online by selling or self publishing with help of Kindle and other online publishing platforms.

Why to write an ebook online?

  1. It is easier to sell it online

  2. It will grow your brand awareness and grow your business rather than physical book.

  3. You can make great profit margin from ebooks.

  4. You can grow blog of traffic and its income.

  5. It is a passive income source

  6. You are saving trees

  7. You can embedded links in your content towards your site to sell your products.

This is benefits to write an ebook online.

Many authors have reached their success because of the self publishing of ebook.

Book reading

You can sell your ebook on your website also with higher price.

Remember that, Amazon Kindle will give you larger audience from globe.

it will also take some charges from your each selling to publish your ebook online.

How to start an ebook business and where to sell it.

You can set up your own website or a blog to publish your ebook online.

you can make up PDF of your book to download when people visit your website they will order and then get a download link to purchase from you.

This will be a automatic process once you have published on your website and you can take hundred percent profit margin rather than publishing on Amazon Kindle or other publishing sites.

the benefits of self publishing on your own website is you can get all the information of your customers like emails contacts location and all that.

after that you can use that info to promote other products and services to them. You can decide your price and profit margin on each sales also.

If an app that I will suggest you to publish it on Amazon Kindle to drive more traffic on your website.

this strategy will help you to grow your audience from globally when they visit your website you can get all the emails and contacts info. you can use them to promote your upcoming books.

I just want to say that your Amazon Kindle books will drive to people back to your website and you can get them into your email list to promote your product or service.

How to create an ebook content.

If you are blog writer then already you have written lots of content on your website.

You only have to reorganize that with proper introduction, conclusion and index and now it is ready to publish on Amazon Kindle.

You may be know that writing mysteries and thriller books is very beneficial for you.

because this type of book is trending to sell online.

Ebook content writing

you can get lots of volume sales on this type of books and you can generate millions of money in dollars.

After mystery and thriller genre you can write an ebook like romance and self love this is second most trending books online.

Hire a ghost writer for ebook writing

You can hire a book writers it is also called the ghost writer.

ghost writer can create a content for you. you have to just pay for their writing and the credit will be all yours.

creating an ebook and publishing it is not an automatic process.

you will have to create such type of contents which will be liked from your readers and your audience. it should be in proper manner and design.

To write content from scratch to end you will have to create inline and outline for your ebook.

Just go step by step process from one chapter to the end.

make your schedule for your writing and decide when to write and how to write.

whenever you sit for your writing make sure which topic you want to cover in and create its outline also.

Decide which type of content you want to write? is it mysterious or is it thriller content or it is a romantic novel?

you should have to decide at the beginning because if you little confused in the middle of writing then your content will be disturbed.

Make sure to create headline first to create such headlines you will have to create a rough writing of your topic and then readjust the topic into perfect chapter and then you can write it as a final chapter.

This strategy will build your confidence to write long time in right way.

you can sell your products on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter groups and in WhatsApp groups also.

There are many more ebook publishing sites apart from Amazon Kindle like smashword, Kobo writing life, Apple iBooks author, Draft2digital, Gumroad, Unbound or Inkshares.

Here I have mentioned some simple steps to publish your ebook online

  1. Write a good book

  2. Create an Amazon KDP account

  3. Format for ebook in perfect design

  4. Upload your ebook

  5. Create your book launch team

  6. Publish your ebook on KDP account.


Writing an e-book takes a lot of patience and passion also.

There are many more platform to sell your product online. But don't worry about selling

You need to create a content piece first rather than worrying about to sell it.

If you are a passionate writer then let me know about your upcoming books or writing ideas in comments.

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