how to start your own small business with low investment?

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

There are lots of people who are doing great business with also low investment.but what about you? are you still confused to start business? you have lots of questions of starting business and make passive income.

How can i start a business with low investment?

ok.let's start with some another question. How much start-up capital do i need to start this kind of business? should i quit my job to start a business? Can i start it from home?


If you have completed your degree education with first class it doesn't mean you will get CEO post first in the company.You will have to gain experience with your work. you will have to learn new skills regarding your work.

Skills are the most important thing in your business. If you are a master of your skills you will not fail in business.

Quality is the best business strategy.

Social media:

Now social media is very strong enough to start and make your business visible to thousands of your customers. In this 21st century without internet your business is not gonna help to people. Sell your services online is the best way to boost your business and best for make extra bucks.

Online business:

Many people are doing there online businesses, like affiliate marketing, stock trading, Photography, Blogging, Reselling products online. Doing online stuffs like this is also not very easy to do, but your hard work toward your passion makes money for you.

Entrepreneurs Advice:

Many Entrepreneurs we see, they didn't become successful in one day. You don't expect direct money through your start-up as the early step of business. Just reinvest all your profits again and again.

"Start small and grow big"

6 best ways to start your business online:

  1. Blogging

  2. Affiliate marketing

  3. Build a website

  4. Write an ebook

  5. Build a course and sell it online

  6. Youtube channel.

These are the most lucrative, effective and profitable business to build online. If you are passionate about any one of them, then don't waste your time in thinking. Do side hustle to create another income source.

This was all about to create an online business, but what about like snacks centre, hotel and restaurant, clothing shops, and franchise also.

Let me tell you one business story. How he entered in business and create a passive income source for him.

There was a guy named Ramesh, He also wanted to start a new business for him but he was unable to do so. He had a friend who was in business from 5 years. Ramesh went to communicate with his friend about starting business.

Ramesh friend told him that, many people wants to start a business but few of them succeed. If you guys complete your 21 years of education to get one best job, then what you should to do for starting business.

He said go and work for others first. Gain some knowledge form them about your area of interest. Because any kind of experience and knowledge you wouldn't be able to start your business. there would a lot fear of failure in your mind. First kill that fear of failure and do next step.

After some days of working and experience of business, Ramesh entered in business with partnerships and created income for them.

I think without any knowledge and experience, It was difficult to start business to Ramesh that's why

Master your knowledge of business, start with low investment, Reinvest your profits in business.

comment any topic of business related so our experts will help you through.

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