How to start E-Commerce business with no money in India.


Today we are discussing to how to build an eCommerce business online with no money.

This business idea will help you to list your products and sale it online.

E-Commerce stores are different than traditional stores. we all know that if you built a traditional store we need lots of investment and management than shop.

Traditional store shops have limitation of customers but E-Commerce stores you can sell your products to globally through internet.

Mainly small business owners wants to sell their products online but don't worry about marketing.

What type of profitable E-Commerce business you can start from your home with almost no money?

Here is a list

  1. Selling second hand books

  2. Beauty and health products

  3. Ebook

  4. Educational course

  5. Online consultant

  6. Electronics

  7. Home appliance

  8. For job seekers

There is good news for you.

you need not worry to concern about a technology and expert support. those people are available in the market to help you to build your product awareness and online presence through globally.

But if you want to build an eCommerce store you have to to focus on some important things like the digital marketing brand awareness and quality of your products.

Now let's start to step by step how to build an eCommerce Store.

first you will have to think about is your product is good for online selling or not?

There are countless success stories of small business owners they say about their profits has skyrocketed because of online eCommerce Store.

but first you will have to determine which type of product you can sale online with better quality.

some products are very easier to sell online other than.

Let's talk about some success guidelines to build your eCommerce store outline.

Is your product easier to understand to customer because remember shoppers will not able to try and touch your products because they are getting it online that's why they should to know what they are getting.

product description reviews images those are the most important things.

buyers can feel comfortable with their shopping online on your websites if you give a clear return policy. And also good product reviews and best photographs also helps to buyers to buy products.

You will have to think and clear all possibilities like packaging and delivery service and management of eCommerce Store.

Step by step guide to build your e-commerce business online.

  1. First you have to register your domain name for your eCommerce Store. This is the first step to get online web address also called domain name or URL.

  2. Choice your domain name creatively because it creates a first impression for your customer. You can create names like WS, designer .

Here I suggest some domain names you will also have to think creatively and choose a domain name for your eCommerce store

Domain registration sites will allow you to register your terminal for 1 years to 3 years for 5 years also. Here I suggested some registration sites



  3. 1 and

  4. Network

Now we are starting a second step to build your e-commerce website. Personally I will suggest to register your domain.

Here you can build your E-Commerce store in one single click with the help of web store builder.

It is very useful to store management credit Card processing, CRM means customer relationship management, site visitor analysis, web hosting and email management.

These are all the free services in webstore development.

You can also choose to additional services it will charges you some fees.

Personally I will suggest you to choose create your lucrative eCommerce Store because with the help of this you can manage all the things in your E-Commerce Store.

and also you do not need to hire a web designer or a developer. Seriously you can do it yourself.

Now the question is how to accept payments from online?

you do not need to worry because if you have already registered with then you have options to accept online payments or credit card payments through internet banking.

Now the next step you will have to post your products on your websites.

your images should be very clear and descriptions Should be lucrative to the customers. If you have done your work or you have posted lots of products online with descriptions then we can proceed to the next step promotion of the products.

How to promote your E-Commerce Store online?

We have did a lots of things to build our online store but without marketing strategy it is nothing.

we will have to build a promotional plan to build our audience and brand awareness for our business.

Each and every business needs and online marketing strategy let's see which topics are in the digital marketing.

Content marketing, Social media email marketing subscriptions plans, pay per click advertising, ebook publishing all the topics in the digital marketing with the help of these you can grow your audience and brand awareness.

Let's see step by step how you can promote your business online.

Social media marketing strategy:

we will have to create a profile of a product on social media. Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

This will help you to create a brand awareness and build a potential customer base online.

We can build a customer interest in to buy a product and interact with customers.

Most of the business owners hire a social media consultant to grow the subscriptions and followers on social media.

Email marketing strategy:

email marketing also help you to grow your customer. You will have to collect emails from social media then you can directly email your offers to customers on your product.


pay per click advertising is also best option to drive more traffic on your website. You can advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google. It will charges you some fees.

Content marketing:

search engine optimisation is the best method to drive more organic traffic from Google.

it is little difficult but it is very useful to you for long term. using best keywords in your articles or in your description of products will help you to rank first on Google it will help you to drive organic traffic.

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