How to start a small restaurant business in india 2019?

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Starting a small restaurant is not an easy game. If you are going to open a restaurant business you will have to give your hard work, Time, patience, and lots of sacrifices.

starting a successful restaurant means you will have to think about restaurant location, investment, marketing, staff, parking, services, best chef, cleaning, discount offers, online presence, food test these are all the things that you should keep in your mind while building a successful restaurant.

1) location:

If you didn't choose a best location for your restaurant then there may be lots of chances to fail. Now how to choose a location for a restaurant?

  • If your restaurant is a quick-service restaurant then you will have to choose a crowdy area like, school, college, hospital, near market, near offices. these are the best location for quick-service restaurants.

  • lots of people are in a hurry so, self-services are the best option for them. Nowadays, takeaway and quick service are in very huge demand.

  • If you are going to open a full service restaurant then you should think about some peaceful spaces, food in a peaceful environment.

  • usually, people go to lunch and dinner with their loved one or with parents and family. so they love or dinner in a peaceful environment. they also choose hotels like the best services, a Polite manner of staff and also tasty food.

2)How much investment should I need to start a small restaurant?

your start-up cost will be around 5-10 lac rs with this much investment you can start your small restaurant. here are the ideas also of startup-cost.

  • If you don't have this much capital, you can create a partnership bond with others to raise capital, because they also invest their time and energy with you to grow your restaurant business.

  • By this partnership bond, you also reduce the risk of losing all of your money.

  • Kitchen equipment, restaurant interior, rent for your space, staff grocery, marketing these are the things where you gonna invest your money.

.3) How much deposit or rent should I pay for a small restaurant business?

  • rent is the fixed expenditure of your business throughout all the time, so choose the spaces and market where you can cover your rent and all fix expenditure all the time.

  • rent is the one-time amount you give to the owner of the shop, but rent is monthly expenditure.

  • Most of the business went in bankrupt due to rent which was not covered by them. Don't pay too much for interior of your restaurant business. Use your creative mind to build the best interior for the small restaurant business.

4)online presence/social media/website for your small restaurant business.

  • now in this Internet generation if your business is not listed online then many of competitors will go ahead of you.

  • Build a good looking website of your restaurant to share your high-quality pics through it. give discount offers If customer books your restaurant online or through an app.

  • One good looking website for your small restaurant makes lots of difference between people's mind and you can boost your sales also.

  • Google my business is also the best app of google where you can list your business on google map and also can share your pictures and offers through the app.

  • Make a FB page and FB group of your brand and make more visibility through it, ask your customer for a service review. Share yiur menu list through social media. Instagram also helps you to share your picture and get the engagement of people. That's why social media is the best way to promote your business locally and globally also.

5)Kitchen equipment and grocery for your small business:

  • commercial gas and electric ranges, Burner's commercial fryers and oil filtration, gas fryers, electric fryers, commercial grills griddles like this kitchen equipment you can buy online also.

  • There is a website on a where you can buy kitchen equipment online.

  • Make the list of equipment first and then buy it, you can also buy 2nd hand equipment on which can reduce your expenses.

  • If you have decided on your menu list, what type of food you are going to serve then buy groceries through D-mart or in wholesale rate because buying right grocery items in bulk quantity will reduce your cost of product and give you a high margin on that product.

6)The staff of your small restaurant business startup:

good behavior staff plays the most important role in the service industry. staff polite manner, behavior and god services like a customer. There are many consultancies which give you total restaurant staff.

  1. Blue sky consultancy,

  2. restaurant masters,

  3. franchise dada,



  6. chef and saffar,

  7. DNY hospitality,

  8. Anuja consultancy,

  9. synergy consultancy

these are the consultancy which helps the restaurant to achieve its marketing and sales goal some consultancy work for restaurant entrepreneurs and some for franchise chain. Workindia app also helps you to get workers in your local area. Decide payment of your staff the based on their ability and behavior respect to the customer.

7) Menu list of you small restaurant business:

  • While deciding your menu list, you will have to research some answers,

  • which type of food is very much in demand in your local area?

  • Which restaurant are in your competition?

  • What do they offer on their menu?

  • how much they cost to people?

  • Which type of food is most lovable enjoyed by the customer in your area?

  • Which problems are facing our competitors?

Take every small and big detail of your competitors. Add the most demanded food in your menu list and add your restaurant special item. Your creative mind will help you to build your own way.

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