How much do YouTubers earn|passive income for beginners

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

How much do YouTubers earn? there are lots of YouTubers in India or worldwide. Lots of people are making decent money and living the best lifestyle through it. Can you imagine a business with no investment? there is one like making money on youtube. In this article here are the ways of passive income for beginners, making money with YouTubers.

BUT HERE IS ALSO ONE THING, not all types of youtube channels generate passive income through it. It is not just clicks and views, it is a business.

how much you make on youtube

Youtube keeps 45% of the share itself through the earning of every channel and gives 55% to channel owners.

How much do YouTubers earn by advertising on the channel:

when you get a 1000 subscribers, google place their adds on a youtube channel, you should activate Adsense account. some advertisers also pay to channels for advertising on their channels.

1)brand product reviews:

for building brand visibility, demand, and awareness, companies pay to channels owners. because it is a one-time investment in advertising for a particular product. people can watch the same product review after month or year also.

how much youtube channel earn


Nowadays, lots of industries are paying for promotion on a youtube channel, cinema industries also building awareness and talk about their next film or release date through youtube channel. this is also a nice way to get paid on a youtube channel.

3)Affiliate marketing:

Whether it is a blog or a youtube channel, through affiliate marketing. you can make some extra bucks while working a side hustle. Just sign up on for the affiliate program and create an affiliate link and paste on your youtube channel description. You have to just promote these links through your video.

4) Merchandise sale:

Any type of merchandise you can sale through an online youtube channel. this is also a great passive income for beginners. shirts, Perfumes, Jeans, You can create a website by promoting it on your youtube channel.

you will get direct orders online for customers and also you can create your own brand. Your own youtube channel builds awareness for you. to grow your business.

social media marketing.

5) subscription:

If you want to teach something on youtube then you also can create a paid membership to your viewer. You can charge some money to get advanced and detail knowledge and experiences that you share with them.

coaching training courses, stock market, trading, management, leaderships, webinar, If you are making these types of video then you can create a membership plan. because no one wants to waste money to get memberships on a channel like a prank and funny videos. Your niche is great and unique. for more info on how to start a youtube channel?

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