E-waste recycling business plan,details and management in India.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020


What is e-scrape basically?

E-scrape means it is unusable, almost not working, or completed its life span. It includes tv , medical machine , VCRs, fax machine, sterioes and many more.

There is huge opportunity in e- waste recycling business because of growing population and ultimately increasing demand of teqnical equipments.

As we all know that tequnial equipments becomes unusable after some decades or some years of using it.

That's why it is need to recycle it and make usable it after some improvements. Rather than directly scrape it.

Now you got it. We have to make reusable it and sell it into its respective market.

Then what to do? Where is growing market for e-waste recycling business plan?

It is India, because India is the 5th largest e-waste producer in world.

Then why we don't take advantage of it for our business.

Do you know which product is mostly demand for recycling.

It is computer 70%, Telecommunication equipment 12%, electrical 7%, and medical equipments 6%. And it is growing by 30% annually.

That's why there is a e-waste management problems faces by many governments.

If we didn't properly manage e-waste, then it is definately harmful for our health.

CPU and computer

E-waste is harmful to health

It is not only harmful for those who are working with e-waste management but also who lives around it.

If E-waste is dumped in soil then it will leach some chemical or toxic materials in the soil Which can also cause to minerals.

How e-waste is managed by people or government?

There is a EPR guidelines from government. With help of EPR, electrical equipment producers company are liable to collect e-waste from 30-70%.

There are lots of batteries and wires and electrical equipment that I have used in my life but didn't think about e-waste problems.

Any individual or you can also help to control e-waste problem.

But how it is possible individually?

Here are some tips to manage your e-waste individually.

  1. Buy less electrical gadgets

  2. Systematically organize what you have

  3. Donate your e-waste.

  4. Give it back to the store

  5. Resell it

  6. Give it to the recycling unit.

This is your e-waste business opportunity.

Many entrepreneurs as like you are trying to start in e-waste business plan because of its high market potential.

How much is the worth to start e-waste business plan in India and abroad?

Do you know how much is the worth of e-waste? For your information..

E-waste is high source of gold, silver and other precious metals.

You can make huge money by reselling e-waste products. You only have to recycle e-waste.

Isn't it great opportunity?

Now here is main part of the article. The question that every entrepreneur in e-waste recycling business wants to know.

How you can start a business of e-waste recycling plan?

To start any type of business you need to get some license and permits from local authority or from government.

whether it is GST number or IEC permit.

How can I get licence and authority for e-waste recycling business plan in India?

Rules and licence are applied for every one of them, which I mentioned below.

  1. Manufacturer

  2. Producer

  3. Bulk consumer

  4. Collection centers

  5. Dealers

  6. E-retailers

  7. Refurbisher

  8. Dismentler

  9. Recycle involved

  10. Storage

  11. Purchase

  12. Sell

Ministry of environment has been introduced this rules in 2016 for e-waste management.

As well as, apart from this every manufacture of electrical equipment can apply for EPR means extended Producer responsibility in form-I.

State pollution board/committee will give authorisation to dismentler and recycler.

If you are a refurbisher of e-waste then you can get authorisation from state pollution board by filling form-I.

Procedure of e-waste authorisation or licence.

  1. You will have to download application form-I from e-waste management rule.

  2. And there is need to create complete e-waste mangement plan

  3. Expert consultant also needed to filling form-1 Of e-waste mangement rule-2016

  4. Create complete e-waste mangement plan along with channalisation system For targeted collection.

Documents needed for licence

  1. Name and address proof

  2. Contact person with designation and contact details

Authorisation required for (tick below)

  1. Generation During manufacturing and refurbishing

  2. Treatment if any

  3. Storage, collection, and transportation

  4. Refurbishing

E-waste details
  1. Total quantity of e-waste generated in metric ton

  2. Quantity of refurbished

  3. Quantity Sent for recycling

  4. Quantity sent for disposal

  5. Details of facilities for storage handling and treatments.

What type of equipments and machinery used in e-waste mangement business plan?

Here I got this for you.

  1. Primary shredders

  2. Secondary shredders

  3. Vibratory feeder

  4. Eddy current separater

  5. Vibratory screen

  6. Overband Magnetic separator

  7. Suspension magnet

  8. Hammer mill

  9. Conveyer belt

  10. Drum separator

  11. Electrostatic drum separator

  12. Colour sorter

  13. Metal Detector

  14. Shaking table

  15. Magnetic pully

  16. Air separator

  17. Electro winning

  18. Gyratory Screen seperator

  19. Retorts

Area required for computer recycling

Area required and investment cost of e-waste recycling plant in India.

Sufficient space, infrastructure and equipments are the basic requirements for your recycling business.

It is good if you have your own land for e-waste management.

Because you can save the rental expenses if you have your own property.

Averagely event management businesses required an area of approximately 2000 square feet.

Initial investment is also main part. you will have to invest approximately 10 lakh rupees as an initial investment in e waste management business.

your plant and machinery cost will be around 4 to 5 million rupees. Also remember this your operational cost is different than your initial investment.

You can start e-waste management business plan with the franchise or your own also as an entrepreneur.

But if you start with a franchise it will reduce your cost and also helps you in project management.

There are different types of operational expenses including.

  1. Cost of scrap

  2. Labour cost

  3. Logistic expense

  4. Marketing expense

  5. Spares and consumables

  6. Electricity and water

We will have to invest our money on these operational expenses.

By calculating startup cost and operational cost we will have to invest approximately 20 lakh rupees for e waste recycling business in India.

How can I start a computer recycling business in India?

Computer recycling

You can start computer recycling business or any type of e-waste recycling business by following this simple guide.

Collect computer motherboard, monitors, CPU and start to computers recycling business.

Obviously this is a computer generation and we use lot of them. And alternatively it is converted into e-waste also.

Apart from desktop and mouse there is e-waste of wires, printers, harddisk, Ram, processor, fan, circuit and so on.

How to start computer recycling business plan?

  1. You can extract precious metals like gold, copper, palladium, lead, from computers to utilize It.

  2. Tin, silica, plastic, glass are also material which can be utilized and recycled.

  3. Small accessories in computer can be removed to manufacturer new one.

  4. Not all parts are useless in old computer you can utilised them and recycled based on requirements.

  5. It is possible to polished, refurbished old parts of computer and sell them in high price.

How to decide which computer product you should be recycled?

There are different recycled methods for each and every computer products.

That's why we will have to decide specific types of product in computer recycling.

Here I am mention some recycling methods of computer recycling business plan.

Computer monitor

In every desktop computer monitor there exist a cathode ray tubes which can be easily removed and sell it separately.

There is LCD screen and TFT screen in old computer. You can sell them in best price after some repairment and polishing.

Precious metals are also exist in the computers which can be removed and sold it individually.

CPU - central processing unit.

Central processing unit a CPU is a brain of the computer.

There are different parts of CPUs like motherboard, RAM, processor, hard disk, Circuit board, sockets and many more

You can sell CPU in the second hand price after repairing and installing some products which are not working properly.


There could be some keys which are not working properly which can be easily removed and replaced to sold in second hand price

Or one can sell keyboard to complete recycle where it is melted to make new one.


In the most cases mouse is completely useless you cannot repair and sell it in second hand price.

that's why we will have to melt it down to make it new one

Other accessories

There are also other accessories like UPS printer laptop modem router which can be easily repaired or recycled to sale in the best price.

If it is completely useless in them we will have to to break down it into small pieces and melt to make new one.

How can I make money by recycling computer electronics waste?

In e-waste recycling business, assume you have collected 1ton personal computer e-waste from your local area.

It will give you approximately 400 gram precious metal like gold. Its cost would be around 12 lakh rupees.

You can earn 15 lakh rupees from one ton computer e waste approximately.

here below I have mention all the details in the chart.


This is how you can make money recycling electronics.

According to the environment science and technology TV electronics, computers, PCs are the most profitable e waste recycling projects because of precious metals.

Every products in e-waste recycling business is hard to recycle. it is a challenging game.

Because the materials used in electronics is not design to recycle and reuse it.

that's why it is challenging and biggest problem in e-waste recycling business.

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