10 realistic ways to make money online?

Blogging, stock trading, affiliate marketing, Fb marketplace, online product selling, Reselling, webinar training, youtube channel, freelancing, selling your expertise. These are ways to make money online.

1)Blogging is the way to make online money with low investment.

Many people are now trying to make money through blogging. Blogging is a low investment business idea. you have to just buy a domain name and hosting.

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  • Picking one good niche for your website is the most important thing, because if you pick one single good niche then you can sell your expertise to your targeted customers.

  • Blogging can be your passive income idea but you will have to post quality content on a consistent basis, then targeted customers will come to your websites, through your AdSense account you can monetize your website, this will make money for you.

  • You have to simply pick a good blog name. It should be something descriptive. register your blog and get it online by purchasing a domain name. Using a free template customize your blog, write your blog post and publish it online. promote your blog through social media and monetize it also.

  • Lots of bloggers suggest that content should be short, then the audience will not get bore to read it, and visit again and again. but the reality is 90% of posts on google SERP have words approx 2000. so write always long descriptive post.

These are the top paid bloggers in the world.

  1. Huffington post- $ 41.6 m

  2. Endgadget - $3.95m

  3. MOZ - $3.74m

  4. Perez hilton - $3.44m

  5. copy blogger - $2.75m

  6. Tech crunch - $ 1.87m

Finance, pets, food, travel, fitness, parenting, these are the good niches to start your own blog and make money online with low investment.

Affiliate income, ebooks, online courses, coaching, freelance writing are the ways for making money to a beginner level blogger.

Here is the list of self-taught bloggers.

  1. Srinivasa tamada -

  2. Amit Agarwal -

  3. harsh Agarwal -

  4. Shivya Nath -

  5. Imraan Uddin-

  6. Amit Bhawani -

benefits or advantages of having a blog

  1. Share your passion with your audience.

  2. make a difference with your living

  3. building a brand

  4. you will make money online.

  5. you will build a professional network.

  6. these are the advantages of having a good niche blog.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing means a merchant pays a commission top a marketer. you can do affiliate marketing without a website or a blog. Try email campaign, social media, telegram to affiliate your products

Top affiliate marketing websites to earn money online:

  1. share sale affiliates

  2. eBay partners

  3. Amazon affiliates

  4. Shopify affiliate program

  5. Rakuten affiliate program

  6. lead pages partner program

  7. Clickbank

  8. studio press affiliate website

2)How to start an affiliate marketing website online with no investment?

  1. If you have a good niche website or a blog then you can start to affiliate products to targeted customers. or if you don't then you can promote those affiliate links on social media or what's app groups.

  2. Lots of people ask that Can they become a millionaire through affiliate marketing? then the answer is yes. You can become a millionaire through affiliate marketing but it is not a get rich quick scheme. You can make decent money online while you sleep.

  3. If you want to quit your job and take carrier as an affiliate marketer then you will have to take 6-12 months' time to quit your job and start a full-time career.

Here is the list of highest paying affiliates programs:

  • Bluehost: their plans starting from 2.95/ $per month but commissions are high.

  • hosting: there is a platform where you can get 150 $ commission per sale.

  • I mentioned some affiliate programs name. You just check them out pick one or 2 platforms and start out.

  • Hostgator, Greengeks, Wp engine, liquid web, these are also the affiliates programs where you can create affiliate links t earn money online.

Amazon's commission rate is between 2- 35%. this is an average rate of percentages taking into account for a lot of products.

3) stock market to earn money online from stock trading:

  1. Open your Demat account from your broker, Put some funds into the account. now you are ready to invest your own money online. you can trade stock on a regular basis, it is called intraday trading.

  2. Derivative market, currency market, commodity market, stock market, these are four types of market. you need only one Demat account to trade in these four types of the market.

  3. Nse is the national stock exchange of India located in Mumbai. Its market capital is 2.27 trillion and it was founded in 1992. there is also a Bombay stock exchange in India located in Mumbai, Dalal street, with market capitalization 2.2 trillion $. These are the main exchanges in India where lots of traders make money through intraday trading or through a delivery trading basis.

  4. Day trading is profitable mostly because you earn money on a long term basis. it has a huge potential return on this type of investment. and also a high risk of losing capital also. You will have to gain proper knowledge of day trading secrets.

  5. Investment in the stock market for a long term basis is most rewarding than day trading because of your investment compound every time. You can reinvest your profits or dividend income in your stocks portfolio.

  6. While earning money online through the stock market you will have to keep in mind that risk management is the part of the game. Every investor has a risk of being a failure and also every big investor also has a big loss in their carrier. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

For new investors, you can stick to the index fund or exchange-traded funds because every year the stock market gives you an approx 16% return on your portfolio.

4) FB marketplace:

  1. If you want to sell your own products online then the FB marketplace is the best option to sell your products in your local area. It will no cost you to start selling online with zero investment.

  2. On your FB marketplace add photos, description, and price and share it with other groups. you will get ordered online direct from the FB marketplace. you can start reselling others' products through the marketplace.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. kids clothes, Dolls, and child products are best for sale on FB.

  2. paper dogs, old DVDs, books, are also best for FB marketplace business.

  3. Popular goods like tv, shoes, clothes are things which lots of people wants to have.

  4. It is a bad marketplace for rarer items or pricy items.

  5. It also not works with the high-value items, because you deal with strangers on the FB marketplace.

5)Start to earn money online with a webinar:

A webinar is a live event online between speakers and attendees. It could be informational and educational sessions where attendees pay some fees to speakers or trainers. Webinar software helps you with the chatbox, live Q&A and for sharing a slide.

There is a lot of webinar software for starting a business. but I mention some best of them.

  1. webinar jam

  2. Demio

  3. easy webinar

  4. click meeting

  5. every webinar

  6. Get response

  7. goto webinar

  8. Adobe content

These 8 types of software solutions are the best for webinar training courses.

Now here are some free webinar services

Google Hangouts

Go to webinar



Any meeting

While webinar training you can make extra bucks from it, You can promote other products also if you have a high volume audience. If you teach them the right way and offer some training courses to go to an advanced level then they can pay you. If you make them feel right or worth to purchase it.

6)Sell your expert advice to people online:

  1. Selling your expertise is also a realistic way to earn money online. If you have great knowledge in digital marketing, E-mail marketing, entrepreneurship and start-ups, fundraising, health fitness, Technology, sales marketing, Business development, Then you can sell your expert advice to people online.

  2. There is a website named it is very helpful to entrepreneurs. You can sell your online advice, You can charge money to them on an hourly basis or minute basis. Your profile should be nice on this website so people frequently can call you to get your expert advice.

7)Write e-book:

make money online with an e-book writing.

  1. If you want to publish or sell your expertise on e-book formate then you can write an e-book. Adobe Indesign will help you to produce professional-quality designs for ebooks.

  2. Create online courses like video, Audio, Podcast, and solve problems of people gradually. When your community becomes more popular then you can offer them some courses or products to buy.

  3. Hosting live webinars can solve lots of problems with many peoples, You can use software solutions for webinar training. you can engage with lots of people by hosting a live webinar.

8)Youtube channel to earn money online:

  1. Youtube channel is the best to engage your customers online, You can create a paid subscription to your loyal customers.

  2. When you create your youtube channel you can monetize it, while the customer sees adds on it and click on it then you will get a commission of it.

  3. Starting a youtube channel and monetize it is a very easy game.

  4. after 1000 subscribers youtube will pay you for your channel.

  5. you can start your youtube channel on topics like personal blogging, vlogging, traveling, gaming, health, and fitness, business tips, and tricks.


freelancers are one kind of self-employed, they work for themselves, they take work for themselves or on a contract basis. Anyone can start this freelancing jobs on there own, sticks to your niche, find a targeted client, Build a high-quality portfolio website

Ther are some freelancing websites like

  1. Fiverr


  3. Upwork

  4. Envato studio

  5. Topal

  6. people per hour

  7. Disigncrown


Freelancers people offer lots of services like web development, mobile development, writing, designing, virtual assistant, sales accounting, and lot more.

You will have to just sign up any freelancing site and you will have to bid your price for the project. you will make some extra money through freelancing but it is not a billion-dollar dream

The most effective skills to make money online is like marketing, writing, or editing, web designer, customer service, photographer, blockchain.

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