Top 11 best business ideas with low investment and high profit in 2019.

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

There are lots of business ideas all around of us but it is a little difficult to find the right one for us.when we start to do business, we come up with these questions like

  1. Can we start a business from home?

  2. what is the most profitable but small investment business idea?

  3. should I quit my job to start a business?

  4. what business can I start under 20k?

At least these four questions come in our mind and actually they disturb all of us also. but how to overcome all of this let's start to cover all of these questions which are really face by an entrepreneur.

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Step 1) list of the most profitable small businesses as a beginner.

1)rent out your parking space:

If you have your own land property and you don't use all of them you can rent it out for parking can rent it on an hourly, daily, monthly basis. this is also a great idea where the assets that you already own, with the help of these kinds of assets you can create some income source.

2)put adds on your car:

Your car which you drive regularly from home to office can also generate some income through it. Income will not be too much greater but you can handle your travel expense. but how? putting adds on your car is the solution. when you want to put add on the car just go to websites like and many more. this idea will also generate some little money for you.

3)Rent out your car:

If you don't use your car on a regular basis or you are out of your hometown for several months or half-year. You can rent out your car also to make some extra bucks. Now the question is how to rent out your car? just go to the websites like and there are lots of more websites just google it and register for renting out your car.

4)Affiliate marketing:

The Internet makes lots of things easier for all of us. With the help of your home-based internet connection, you can start reselling product online or you can start to sell others product online and you will be paid commission for these selling products, that's call affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing business you need one laptop or internet connection. Register your affiliate account on, and start to sell their products.

5)online tutor:

it is also the best way to earn money online by teaching students online. websites like are the best websites where you will get paid for your teaching online. you can teach them from elementary to high-level education.

You will earn 30$ per hour. and it will be 50 $/hour after some days of teaching. Many people think that you have some great quality education for this but this is not true. there is no necessary that you should have some degrees for that only skills matters here.

6)app development:

App development is also the best, but you should have a piece of knowledge for an app development program. I mention some great software names for app development like and many more just google it.

Now the question is how these free apps make money from it. what do you think about it?

  • subscription

  • email marketing

  • sponsorships

  • In-app purchases

with this kind of way, apps make money for yourself.

7) silent business partner:

What is a silent business partner? It means your partner is involved in daily operations but not participating in general meetings.

If you have some money that you wanted to invest in a business then you can become a silent business partner for other businesses to grow more.

8)Start an atm business:

You have to locate a good location for this business like in malls, night clubs, near hotels or in public areas.

Make an agreement to provide an ATM. Buy ATM, install machine load money and spread the word in your local area.

9)Stock trading:

if you have a great knowledge of stocks and how to trade it, then and only then you can start this. because stock trading is the game of risk management and controlling your emotions like greed and fear.

you can open your account through any brokers like nifty 50 & Sensex are the main index where we know how the stocks are performing. you can leverage money to trade stocks or you can do a delivery trading. Delivery trading means you hold that particular stock for the weeks, months, or years also.

10)Youtube channel:

if you have skills and you want to share with the world then you can start a youtube channel. after getting more subscription you can monetize your channel. advertising on your channel makes money for you. you can also start to affiliate products on your channel.

These were the list of business ideas that you can start with little money or with your own assets.

What type of business are you interested in?

here you have to select the area of interest for your business. like goods, services, food, clothing, digital marketing, event planning, you should have to ask some questions to yourself.

  • should I start this business from home?

  • should I do this as a part-time?

  • how much money should I invest as a beginner?

If you are good in the clothing business. I mean if you know how to manage clothing business.then do it. Start small and grow big is the first formula. this is an internet generation, you must take your business online. Then it is visible to lots of people and it will help to create your brand.

should I quit my job to start a business?

The answer is should not quit your job directly to start a business. Then how to do it?

follow these 10 steps:

  1. Make your day schedule

  2. set some time aside for your business every day

  3. take one step at one time

  4. Start small grow big

  5. meet the professionals of that business.

  6. learn from basics to advance

  7. master your knowledge and experience

  8. start with low investment

  9. if a business grows very well and then you can quit a job to start your business full time.

  10. You will have to follow money management. You should know how money works.

If are you going to start your business, stay motivated with our articles.

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11) paper bag

When you go to shopping you would have noticed that lots of shopkeeper and people are giving you paperbag instead of plastic bags. Due to massive use of plastic bag it is going to damage our green environment. That's why lots of people are using paper bags.

You can start to manufacture this paper bag. If you want to reply automatic machine so manufacture in large number then you will need 500000 rupees of investment to start this business.

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