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Who wants to be like him?

 MyeagleFly is a community of people who are interested to be their own boss.

        In day to day life, we see that 9 am to 5 pm job is not fulfilling your own dreams that you want to live. 

        Blogging can change the life of a person, from choosing a good blog name, buying a domain name, design a blog, how to write the first post, to promote a blog and monetize a blog are these steps to set up your blog,


         we are describing those topics and it will help you to manage your blog.

Just follow your passion is not getting you rich quickly.but smart work, dedication, discipline will make you smart person.

         that's why generating passive income is the best way to get rich day by day.

            Blogging is also a passive income strategy to make money, some people are also making a decent amount of money from it. 

Loneliness is my strength and power.that's why I prefers to be alone once a while in a day.

           but now I spend too much time with my blog because it helps me too much to explore me about myself.

           it helps me to recognize myself that who you are and why you born in this world, not to just follow peoples instructions and join the rat race. I want to live like an independent eagle

This the world where most people want to live.but is it the right place where you can get peace of mind and independence.


           I think that my answer is no. Independence means doing what you love to do, following your passion, meet those people whom you love. 


           I think this will happen when you fly like an eagle.

    Eagle is the bird, he lives on the top of a mountain and flies over the sky. he never can be caught by any animal or cannot be hunted by any animal or bird.

     But why because he lives in loneliness and creates it's own strength to defeat the world. I want to be like him. 


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